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Inday Sara Duterte hits back at Raquel Fortun or “Doctor for Dead”


It was only few days ago when Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte expressed her joy for being seven weeks pregnant with triplets.   The announcement came to explain her absences in recent public events. Most netizens rejoiced with her, some are wishing good health for her and her babies.  However, the announcement has equally gained criticisms.


Dr. Raquel Fortun, a renowned forensic pathologist, said in her Twitter account (@Doc4Dead) that it maybe “too early to rejoice over a seven-weeker pregnancy, especially that it was multi-fetal and a triplet for that matter, quoting an Inquirer news about Inday’s pregnancy.  Fortun advised to “wait for delivery and spare oneself of heartache” and questioned if it were a PR for their Lolo (President Rodrigo Duterte).

The feisty presidential daughter fires back at Fortun and said in an Instagram post that it could be PR but advised her to read before she tweets so the former won’t look like a bitter melon.


“Yes PR pero bago ka mag tweet basahin mo muna yung PR ng hindi ka magmukhang dugyot na ampalaya, [Yes, it’s PR but please read before you tweet so you won’t look like a bitter melon],” Duterte captioned her post.

“And when I do get the heartache, it will still be a media blitz and when we defy the odds it will be a PR fiesta and you will still be Miss Bittermelon,” she added.

Fortun defended her post Saturday afternoon through another tweet saying that she wished Duterte well because she, herself, experienced two miscarriages.   She also hit back at those who reproached her tweet about Duterte-Carpio’s babies.


“There was a time when people were more discerning abt what’s personal and public. But what do I know I’m not celeb,” she said.



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