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Tips: What to do during a bomb attack?


The Crisis Communication Center has released tips on what to do when caught in a bombing attack following the deadly explosion at the popular Davao night market leaving 14 fatalities and at 60 more injured.   Filipinos are urged to be vigilant and cooperative with government’s efforts to stop these senseless attacks.

Laging Handa PH advised the public of the following measures to observe when caught in an explosion:

  1. Leave the area immediately.
  2. Avoid crowds.  Crowds of people maybe targetted for second attack.
  3. Avoid unattended cars and trucks because they may contain explosives.
  4. Stay away from damaged buildings to avoid falling glass and bricks.  Move at least 10 blocks or 200 yards away from the damaged buildings.
  5. Follow directions from people in authority (police, fire, EMS, or military personnel, or from school or workplace supervisors).
  6. Call 911 once you are in a safe area, but only if police, fire or EMS has not arrived.
  7. Help others who are hurt or who need assistance to leave the area if you are able.  If you see someone who is seriously injured, seek help.   Do not try to manage the situation alone.

Public asked to stay calm, be vigilant

Presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella before midnight said “an explosion of still unverified cause occurred at the Davao night market resulting to the death of at least 10 persons and around 60 people injured.”

He advised the public to avoid making speculations and avoid posting unfounded information on social media. “It is best that the populace refrain from reckless speculation and avoid crowded places. There is no cause for alarm but it is wise to be cautious.”

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has declared a “State of lawless violence” in the entire country, to allow him, as Commander-in-Chief of the law enforcement units, to call on them to suppress lawlessness.

Abella said that attached to the declaration, there will be check-points to be established on various corners of the country, as a deterrent measure against the terror groups who sow criminality.

“We ask everyone to cooperate. When passing a check-point, let us turn off our headlights and turn-on the light inside the vehicle to allow our law enforcers to perform their jobs.”

Abella further said, “let us cooperate. It is for our own safety. The government is doing its best but the unity and cooperation of everybody is necessary to fight the terrorists and to cleanse the country of criminality.”

He also advised the public to be vigilant and to report to the authorities information about people sowing crimes.

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