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How to audition online for The Voice PH Teens?


ABS-CBN The Voice has previously announced that it is opening its doors for teens aged 13-17 years old who has what it takes to be the next teen sensation and the first ever The Voice Teens champion.

Audition dates were announced in several parts of the Philippines, starting from Metro Manila to some parts in Visayas.  Other audition dates will be announced in the following weeks.  (Click here for updated schedule on The Voice Teens audition dates and venues)

The Voice PH Teens Audition Dates and Venues

The Voice Teens is also calling out teens from outside the Philippines or TFC subscribers to submit their audition videos online.

Guidelines for submission:

  • The audition video must be clear with good natural lighting. It must not be against the light or overexposed.
  • Proper distance from the camera must be observed. The ‘whole-body’ must be shown while singing.
  • Audition video should run until 3 minutes only.
  • Introduction must be made prior to singing.  Introduction must contain your name, age, address, if studying or not, and why do you want to join The Voice Teens.
  • Submit your videos along with a parental consent or waiver at The Voice Teens Online Audition Website.  The parental consent/waiver can also be downloaded online at the website.

If you are here in the Philippines, you can check out our previous post regarding The Voice PH Teens Audition Schedule and Venues to see if Team Voice is holding an audition in your area.

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