Home News Is Kimstore selling smuggled phones and other gadgets?

Is Kimstore selling smuggled phones and other gadgets?


Kimstore, a popular online gadget store, is selling smuggled phones, laptops and other gadgets, authorities said.

Kimstore scam, selling smuggled goods
The online store’s warehouse in Lakandula Street, Tondo, Manila was raided by the Bureau of Customs on Wednesday.

Millions worth of alleged smuggled smartphones, laptops and high-end communications and electronic gadgets were confiscated by authorities during the raid. 

The raid came after an intelligence report reached the BOC regarding an online gadget store with questionable importation activities. 

Among the seized items include the newest iPhone 7, Macbook, Samsung Galaxy, other tablets and phone brands, cameras, music players and audio accessories. 

Kimstore is owned by a Filipino-Chinese residing in Binondo. It has been on online selling for years and had become popular to shoppers due to relatively cheaper gadgets compared to mall prices. 

The warehouse was closed pending investigation. 

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