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Japan is hiring Pinoy housekeepers with Php 70,000 monthly salary


Finally a housekeeping job that compensates well.

Japan is currently in need of professional housekeepers and they are eyeing Filipino workers to fill in the jobs.   The first batch are already ready for deployment this month.

Pinoy Housekeeper in Japan Jobs
Applicants undergo training at a Japanese-inspired home.


The professional housekeeper’s job in Japan is very much different from that of the domestic helper’s in Hongkong and Singapore.  They need to undergo to a two-month rigorous training at a Japanese-inspired home tapped by Magsaysay, the manpower and outsourcing company behind the recruitment of the Pinoy housekeepers.

In a Japanese-style apartment, they learn how to properly bow, clean traditional tatami floor-matting and decipher instructions for a high-tech toilet.  Apart from the chores they are expected to do, applicants are also taught with Nihongo, Japan’s national language, and the Japanese culture.

Unlike those deployed in other countries, housekeepers in Japan are not ‘stay-in’, which means they will have different employers daily.  They will work on an eight-hour shift everyday and will be housed in an apartment.

The housekeepers will be paid ¥168,000 or Php 70,000+ monthly, similar to what is paid to Japanese professional housekeepers.  They will have a day off and a vacation leave.

Pasona Group, which provide HR support to Japanese companies expanding overseas, announced that they are already hiring for the second batch of Filipino housekeepers.   Pasona said that there will be no placement fee and all trainings are offered for free. More than 1,000 housekeepers are still needed in the next 3 years.

The program is the latest step toward opening up Japan to more foreigners, as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s government seeks ways to counter a shrinking labor force that threatens to hamstring the world’s third-biggest economy. But with a majority of Japanese opposed to a mass influx into a largely homogeneous society, the government and the firms involved have adopted an exacting admissions process.

The admission of cleaners from overseas — first to Kanagawa and Osaka and later to Tokyo — is aimed at making housekeeping services affordable for the middle classes and getting more Japanese women into the workforce. These women are needed to help buck a current trend that could see the labor force of about 65 million collapsing by more than 40 percent by 2060, according to a government panel projection. Source: www.magsaysaycareers.com

Japan Housekeeper Requirements and Qualifications:

Applicant must be female, at least 1 year working experience as Household Worker or Domestic Helper, must be 28-45 years old and preferably with NC II from TESDA (Household Services or Domestic Work).

The applicant must have a good attitude and possess humility.  The trainees are taught on the value of honesty, respect and politeness.  According to Magsaysay, two participants have already been rejected from the course for failing to show sufficient humility.

Japan Housekeeper: How to Apply

To apply:

  1. Register in www.magsaysaycareers.com.
  2. Walk-in their office in business attire and bring updated resume (G. Antonino Bldg., Kalaw, Ermita, Manila).
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