Home Entertainment VIRAL: Netizens react to heartbreaking Jollibee “Chicken Joy” ad

VIRAL: Netizens react to heartbreaking Jollibee “Chicken Joy” ad

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Netizens react to the heartbreaking Jollibee chicken joy ad entitled “Vow” which went viral online.

Newest Jollibee Commercial on Chicken Joy

The ad tells a story of two individuals who first met at Jollibee, both ordered “chicken joy” and co-incidentally, upgraded to the same drink. At first, you would think of it as a destiny-kind-of story but it turned out that the girl was only platonic to the guy. A twist at the end of the video was heartbreaking where the girl ended up marrying another guy. He was “bestfriend-zoned” as others put it.

Watch the newest Jollibee Chicken Joy “Vow” ad below:

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The video immediately went viral on Facebook. As of posting time, gained over 3 million views, 7 hours after it was uploaded on the fastfood chain’s official Facebook account.

The “Vow” ad is only one of the 3 Valentine’s day ad series from Jollibee.

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