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DOJ wants issuance of multi-purpose NBI clearance


Department of Justice (DOJ) secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II directs the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to devise a system that will create a multi-purpose NBI clearance to o spare the public from additional costs and simplify the current criminal records clearance system.

In a two-page department order (Department Circular No. 17), dated February 15, 2017, Aguirre directed the NBI to implement the new system which shall apply prospectively to all applications for NBI clearances, and shall take effect after fifteen days from date of publication in at least two newspapers of general circulation.

Multi-purpose NBI clearance  How to apply
DOJ Circular 17 directs the NBI to create a system for issuance multi-purpose clearance.
The NBI is directed to immediately change the format of the current NBI clearance for it to bear the phrase “‘Issued for whatever legal purpose’ instead of ‘specific purpose.'”

The NBI clearance has been a forefront requirement for any transaction to any government or private institution – such as applying for a passport, job, etc.  The current NBI clearance is issued for a specific purpose and a re-issuance of another clearance for a different purpose is required, which incurrs additional cost and inconvenience to the client.

The multi-purpose NBI clearance is “to complement the directive of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte for government services to be accessible to the public and lessen the expense entailed by Filipinos to avail such service, the following directives are hereby issued for the implementation of the NBI and guidance of the general public,” according to the department order.

Online application of the multi-purpose clearance is still required.   The agency is currently implementing a “NO APPOINTMENT NO ENTRY POLICY“.

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