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What are the highest paying jobs in the Philippines in 2017?


The monetary compensation is one of the aspects an applicant considers when applying for a job.

Information technology (IT)-related jobs are still one of the highest paying jobs in the country, according to the 2017 Salary Report of Jobstreet.com.  IT jobs include computer and software programming, technical support and web development, among others. 

Jobs related to customer service and technical help desk,  on the other hand, are among the most in-demand jobs. 

According to the report, these are the top paying jobs in 2017: 

Junior executives (1-5 years in service)

  1.  IT-related (P37,034)
  2. Law/legal (P29,430)
  3. Training and development (P27,253)
  4. Banking/Financial (P27,188)
  5. Actuarial science/Statistics (P27,064)
  6. Public relations/Communications (P26,948)
  7. Healthcare (P26,655)
  8. Journalist/Editor (P26,542)
  9. Customer service (P24,755)
  10. Advertising/Media planning (P24,314)

Supervisors (5 to 10 years in service)

  1. IT-related (P68,723)
  2. Actuarial science/Statistics (P65,741)
  3. Law/legal (P48,014)
  4. Journalist/Editor (P40,704)
  5. Banking/Financial (P39,857)
  6. Arts/Creative/Graphic design (P37,379)
  7. Quality control/Assurance (P37,242)
  8. Training and development (P36,443)
  9. Quality surveying (P36,203)
  10. Advertising/Media planning (P35,791)

Managers (10 years and above in service) 

  1. Corporate strategy (P125,976)
  2. IT-related (P91,100)
  3. Acutarial science/Statistics (P81,799)
  4. Quality control/Assurance (P80,828)
  5. Customer service (P80,810)
  6. Training and development (P77,877)
  7. Public relations/Communications (P77,219)
  8. Banking/Financial services (P74,837)
  9. Human resources (72,686)
  10. Law/legal (P67,402)
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