Home Business and Money Is Kimstore back to business?

Is Kimstore back to business?


Is Kimstore back to business?

The warehouse of Kimstore, a popular online gadget store, was raided by the Bureau of Customs last February 1 for allegedly selling smuggled phones and gadgets.

The raid was made after the BOC received reports that an online store selling high-end smartphones and accessories has questionable importation schemes.  Millions-worth of iPhones, Macbooks, smartphones and tablets were seized during the raid.  The warehouse was closed pending investigation.

On Tuesday, we started seeing sponsored posts from the Kimstore on our Facebook timeline, which signals that the store is maybe back to business.

In its official Facebook page, Kimstore thanked their regular clients for a never ending support.

The love we feel is real! Thank you so much, Kimmunity (their regular customers).

Never thought we’d mean this much to you – but based on the comments we’ve been reading at our recent posts, the love is there! We’re reading every single one of them, and thank you, really.

We love you guys more! Stay tuned for more awesomeness!

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