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Viral: Pastillas Girl’s ala “My Ex and Why’s” reunion with ex-bf


Do you still remember Pastillas girl? She is Angelica Jane Yap, whose hugot-filled video about her love life and ex-boyfriend while making pastillas earned her the monicker “Pastillas Girl.” After 2 years, she got reunited with the man she was talking about in her video – her ex-boyfriend, Enzo Gallegos.

Gallegos, in a Facebook post, narrated how the reunion happened. He also shared how much he missed Yap, saying talking until the wee hours of the morning is not enough to make up for their time apart.

“I guess all i wanna say is that I love you and I know you can feel that. I can’t promise no more. I will just prove them wrong and I will prove to them that I am trying to change to become better, that I am ready for this kind of relationship. Sa loob ng 2 years ang dame nangyare at ang dameng nag bago,” said Gallegos.
He channels the movie “My Ex and Why’s” in his post, but unlike Cali (portrayed by Liza Soberano who was dumped by his ex for another girl), Gallego said Yap is irreplaceable. 

“Yeah it’s like “My Ex and Whys” pero no, hindi ka kapalit palit. You’re beautiful. Ikaw lang,” Gallegos added. 

As of posting, Gallegos’ post garnered over 26K shares and over 73K likes.

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