Home News 120-day Expanded Maternity Leave approved in the Senate

120-day Expanded Maternity Leave approved in the Senate

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  • The senate approved the Expanded Maternity Leave Bill (Senate Bill 1305)
  • Government employees are allowed of 120-day maternity leave with pay

Senators on Monday approved on third and final reading the Expanded Maternity Bill or the Senate Bill 1305.  The new bill, authored by Senator Risa Risa Hontiveros, proposes to increase the number of paid maternity leaves to 120 days or 4 months. 

Under the new bill, newly delivered mother who works in the government will be entitled of the 120-day leave, regardless of whether the birth is normal or caesarean. 

Further, the bill also proposes an additional 30 days for solo working mothers. 

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Under the existing law, new mothers may take 60 days of paid leaves. Those who undergo caesarian deliveries are entitled to 78 days of maternity leave.

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