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Jobstreet: Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs for Fresh Graduates in 2017


It’s graduation season again, which means thousand more fresh graduates will be added to the increasing number of job mismatch, unemployment, and jobseekers. 

In taking up a college course, one considers a lot of things, i.e. his/her own interest to the field, what’s “trending”, which job gives more monetary compensation and which job will offer more opportunities thereafter.

Among these, the monetary compensation is always deemed as common reason in chosing a field.

In its recent 2017 Fresh Graduate report,  recruitment portal Jobstreet.com listed the ten (10) highest-paying jobs for fresh graduates with their corresponding average monthly salary. 

  1. Law/legal services: P27,124
  2. Healthcare: P23,216

  3. Journalism: P21,777

  4. IT-related: P21,703

  5. Education: P21,457

  6. Actuarial science/statistics: P21,048

  7. Training and development: P20,838

  8. Banking and Financial services: P20,092

  9. Public relations/communications: P20,055

  10. Advertising/media planning: P19,960

Fresh graduate jobs in 2017
In a previous report, IT-related jobs such as software engineering, software developing, etc, are the top-paying jobs for junior executives in their first five years in service while lawor legal services come second.  

Jobstreet also listed business process outsourcing such as call center jobs to account for the most number of jobs available for fresh graduates.

The industries that account for the most number of jobs according to the 2017 Fresh Graduates report are the following:

  1. Business process outsourcing: 66 percent
  2. Retail: 2 percent

  3. Real estate: 1.5 percent

  4. Manufacturing: 1.5 percent

  5. Food and beverage: 1.4 percent

  6. Banking: 1.2 percent

  7. Construction: 0.9 percent

  8. Telco: 0.8 percent

  9. Trading: 0.6 percent

10: IT-Software: 0.6 percent

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