Home Health Shiryl Saturnino, a 29-year old businesswoman, died while undergoing cosmetic surgery

Shiryl Saturnino, a 29-year old businesswoman, died while undergoing cosmetic surgery


MANILA – A young businesswoman died while undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Shiryl Saturnino died of cosmetic surgery
Photo grabbed from Saturnino’s FB account

Shiryl Saturnino, 29, underwent cosmetic procedures at a clinic in Mandaluyong City on Saturday.

Said to be a regular client of The Icon Clinic, Saturnino has already undergone three previous procedures before with no complications. But little did she know that one of her supposed ‘regular’ procedure, could lead to her demise.

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According to the initial investigation of Mandaluyong Police, the victim accompanied by a relative was admitted at the Icon Clinic around 5 PM on Saturday for three procedures – liposuction, breast augmentation and butt enhancement.

After she was admitted, Saturnino was brought to the operating room and doctors Jose Jovito Mendiola and Samuel Eric Yapjuangco performed the surgery that lasted until around 2:40 a.m. Sunday.  But she was noted to have no heart rate and was found unresponsive at the procedure.

Upon noticing, her doctors tried to revive her and immediately rushed her to Makati Medical Center.  She was declared dead at around 3:21 AM en route to the other hospital.

Authorities are waiting for the result of the autopsy to determine the underlying cause and if the clinic should be held liable for Saturnino’s untimely demise.

The Icon Clinic confirmed in a statement that Saturnino was their regular customer.  Atty. Estelita Cordero, lawyer of Icon Clinic, said that they are going to cooperate to further the investigation on Saturnino’s underlying cause of death.

Business will go on as usual for the Icon Clinic while the investigation is still underway.

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