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More than 5,000 Pinoy factory workers needed in South Korea


Around 5,000 Filipino factory workers are needed in South Korea according to the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA).

These factory workers will be deployed on electronics, textile, chemical, at food processing factories in South Korea.

The monthly salary is $1,200 or P59,000 on avarage but it may reach up to as much as P90,000 if you are hardworking which means if you go on overtime.

No placement fee is collected because it will be a government-to-government setup.  Application processing will be solely through the POEA.

To apply, simply register through the POEA website’s employment permit system to get a schedule for a skills test. No job interview is required because all application are processed online. Once an applicant passed through the screening, he will be included among the list of selection.

Employers will base their hiring of applicants on their skills test scores and their length of working experience.  The higher your score is, the more chance you get for getting hired.  Educational attainment could be at least high school graduate.

Applicants will also have to pass a basic Korean language test so they have to undergo a language training before the exam.

Once chosen by an employer, the applicant will shoulder airplane ticket and will process his own visa.  According to the POEA, an estimated cost to be shouldered by the newly-hired applicant will be around P30,000.

Sources: POEA, ABS-CBN News

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