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A stray bullet kills Grade 6 Pupil in Marawi City


A Grade 6 pupil was among the increasing number of fatalities in the ongoing clash between the Armed Forces of the Philippines and Maute-ISIS Group.

Abdillah Masid from Barangay Datu Saber, Marawi City was killed by a stray sniper fire on Friday noon.  He was only fifteen years old.

Masid was seated inside a masjid (mosque) near Campo Ranao while listening to the imam’s (one who leads the prayer) preach during a Friday congregational prayer or Jumu’ah. He died instantly, on the prayer mat where he was praying.

Abdillah Masid, a grade 6 student was hit by a sniper fire.
Abdillah, 15, was hit by a sniper fire bullet from the Marawi skirmishes between government troops and the Maute-ISIS group. Photo grabbed from Chiara Zambrano’s IG.

ABS-CBN News Journalist Chiara Zambrano posted his fateful story on Instagram.

“Remember him, the next time you feel like calling this a religious war. Remember him, the next time you want to say things are under control,” the journalist wrote.

Masid is only one of almost 300 fatalies due to the the ongoing offensive operations by the government troops against the terrorist group.

While more than 200,000 individuals were displaced from their homes as the battle continue to escalate, some families, including Masid’s,  chose to stay in their homes for fear of losing their properties from looters.  Roughly around 2000 civilians are feared trapped in the areas of conflict.

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