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BPI and BPI Family Savings to open select branches on Saturday, June 10, 2017


The Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) said in an advisory on Friday afternoon that the internal system error, which resulted to ‘mispostings’ on the statements of accounts of its clients, has been resolved.

Last Wednesday, BPI account holders reported several ‘unathorized transactions’ in their accounts.  Some have been credited and debited twice, especially those who have made transactions from April 27 to May 2, 2017. This have either resulted to lost money or doubled up amount in their accounts.

The Ayala-led bank blamed internal system error to have caused the glitch.  They have, nonetheless,assured their account holders that no single centavo will be lost and that a resolution was expected within 24 hours.  However, it was only until Thursday evening that the the problem was completely sorted out.  Access to their electronic channels (ATMs, internet banking, mobile banking) has been restored by 9:00 PM on Thursday.

However, the huge volume of traffic from users simultaneously checking their accounts, dificulties were still noted. BPI expects its services to normalize as the day progresses.

In their commitment to serve their clients’ banking needs especially ahead of the upcoming long Independence Day weekend, BPI has announced that several all of their branches in Luzon (including Metro Manila) will be opened until 7:30 pm on Friday.

Furthermore, several BPI and BPI Family Savings Bank branches nationwide will open tomorrow, Saturday, June 10. These select branches will be operational with a wide range of banking services:





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