News Things we need to know about PNP/AFP checkpoints

Things we need to know about PNP/AFP checkpoints


The Philippines has been put under “state of lawless violence” by President Rodrigo Duterte after a deadly attack in Davao City Night Market which killed at least 14 and resulted to more than 60 casualties.

Duterte has signed Proclamation No. 55 commanding the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to “suppress all forms of lawless violence in Mindanao and prevent violence from spreading.”

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Several checkpoints have been put up in major thoroughfares in Metro Manila and other parts of the country after the proclamation took effect.   The PNP, through the Police Community Relations Group (PCRG), has given motorists some rules and reminders to observe when passing through a checkpoint.

  1. Slow Down.  Upon notice of PNP/AFP checkpoints, slow down as you approach.
  2. Switch ON.  At night time, switch ON cabin lights first then dim headlights.
  3. Do Check. Take time to scrutinize the checkpoint signboard if it is really official.
  4. Visual Search ONLY.  No need to open any compartment or item for the checkpoint personnel.   Make sure all doors are locked.
  5. Be Calm and Courteous.  Be calm, courteous and confident in answering pertinent questions.
  6. Driver’s License.  Prepare your driver’s license and car registration for presentation.
  7. Assert Your Rights. No physical and body search.
  8. Report Abuse.  Report violations immediately to proper authorities.

The PNP and AFP has also reminded the law enforcers to observe proper conduct when manning a checkpoint.

  1. Officers Lead.   The checkpoint is lead by a regular member of the PNP/AFP with a rank of at least Inspector/Lieutenant.
  2. Prescribed Uniform.  Must have a presentable appearance and wearing the prescribed uniform.
  3. Readable Signage.  Signage must be readable and clear from a distance with standard markings.
  4. Marked Vehicles.  Only officially marked vehicles with blinkers turned ON, if available, shall be used in establishing checkpoints.
  5. Well-lit Area.  Must be properly lighted and visible to incoming vehicles.

Source: PCRG

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