Current Events Blogger BryanBoy drew flak over anti-Duterte tweet

Blogger BryanBoy drew flak over anti-Duterte tweet

Bryanboy's Anti-Duterte remark
Bryanboy's anti-Duterte remark

Filipino fashion blogger Bryan Grey Yambao, popularly known in by his social media alias Bryanboy drew flak over his recent anti-Duterte remark he posted on Twitter.

Bryanboy's Anti-Duterte remark
Bryanboy’s anti-Duterte remark

In his tweet, the former America’s Next Top Model social media correspondent, said that he can’t wait for the typhoon season to hit the Philippines so President Duterte will learn his lessons.

His remark came after the interviews of President Rodrigo Duterte slamming the United Nations (UN) for meddling on national issues especially his intensified war against drugs, where the UN questions his “brutal” ways of stopping drug trade and criminality in the country. The trash-talking president even theatened from leaving the UN.

The blogger earned the ire of netizens, with most of them expressing disappointment to his uncalled-for and ill remark.

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