Entertainment Star Cinema releases ‘The Third Party’ movie official trailer

Star Cinema releases ‘The Third Party’ movie official trailer


ABS-CBN’s film production outfit, Star Cinema, has recently released the official trailer of its newest movie “The Third Party” on Wednesday.

The Third Party Movie
The latest Star Cinema offering is a modern love story revolving around an aspiring fashion designer Andi (Angel Locsin), her cosmetic surgeon best friend Max (Sam Milby), and Christian (Zanjoe Marudo), an oncologist for kids.

Andi and Max were former sweethearts who were former sweethearts torn apart by a long distance relationship.  Later, Andi discovers that her hot ex-boyfriend turned out to be gay and is in a relationship with an equally hot doctor, Christian. When Andi was thrown out from her rented apartment, she approached Max to let her stay in his place, which equates to a funny scuffle of the three.

The Third Party is directed by Jason Paul Laxamana and will be shown in cinemas starting October 12, 2016.

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