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    There should be work and class suspension on january 30. How would the people on the south go into manila without having any heavy traffic on pasay area on that day? Come on, think of the Filipino people. puro kayo miss u, ung mga regular na manggagawa di nyo iniisip psh

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      Wewas isipin mo ren yung mga taong tinatamad

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    January 30 should be a holiday. How can we witness the event here in our country? We would wait for decades just to see the event in our country again. And there would be heavy traffic if it isnt declared a holiday. Tourists would be angered by the traffic and congestion in the roads of Manila.

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    May pasok po,ba bukas?

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    Come on! Tommorow is the day
    which all the Miss U representatives are waiting for. There should be a work and class suspension. How will the filipino netizens watch their representative strive in her own land? Mapatrabahador or estudyante man ay gugustuhing manood ng Miss U. Isa pa, mababawasan ang traffic if that happen. At sana lang if ever na mawalan ng pasok, wag Manila lang or Pasay. Sana kahit provinces rin or other places outside Manila.

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    Guys As a student,Mas gugustuhin ko pang pumasok,hindi ko icoconcider na holiday ngayon pano naman ung mga walang interest sa miss U diba un pala tinamad Lang,ganyan ba tayong mga filipino mga tamad…
    Tsaka ung iba pwede naman panoorin sa youtube or ireplay Nila diba…
    Mababalitaan mo rin naman yan kahit naman ka pa…


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