Entertainment PBB Dream Team 2nd Eviction Night Results: Jerome Alecre leaves house

PBB Dream Team 2nd Eviction Night Results: Jerome Alecre leaves house


Jerome Alecre, 32 years old, dubbed as the “Overseas Filipino Warrior of Tondo”, bids goodbye from the Pinoy Big Brother house during Saturday’s second eviction night.

PBB Second Eviction Night Results - Jerome Alecre evicted
Jerome Alecre is second evictee from PBb Dream Team.

He was among the four regular housemates who made it to “Kuya’s Dream Team”.

His story was an inspiration to viewers, as well as to his fellow housemates.  Coming from a poor family, he strived harder in school, became a scholar until he finished college, and eventually worked his profession as a nurse in United States.  He became a provider for his family back in the Philippines.

During the New Year’s episode of the show, Alecre stirred controversy when he revealed that he was a “gay man”.  The revelation has received mixed reactions from the viewers, but definitely an admiration from his fellow housemates and further respect from his family.

Alecre was the second evictee, following another regular housemate, Aura Azarcon. He garnered 15.84% of the total votes. 

Commercial model and regular housemate Coraleen Wadell and celebrity 2-in-1 housemates Nikko Natividad and MaCoy de Leon were saved from eviction after getting 31.06% and 53.1% of total votes, respectively.

One housemate is expected to leave the house next week as the dream team chooses another set of nominees for eviction on Sunday.

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