Entertainment Long Mejia and Negi win 1 million jackpot prize in Minute to...

Long Mejia and Negi win 1 million jackpot prize in Minute to Win It


Comedians Long Mejia and Negi are the new millionaires in ABS-CBN’s Minute to Win It, Last Man (Duo) Standing.

Long Mejjia and Negi 1 Million in Minute to Win It
Comedic duo, Long Mejia and Negi, won Php 1 M jackpot prize in Minute to Win It.

In an episode aired on Thursday (February 9), the duo won the whopping Php 1 million on the game show after completing the challenge for the jackpot prize.    In the final challenge “Pong to the Fifth Power,” the two have to shoot five ping pong balls inside a tall glass with a narrow mouth. Both Negi and Mejia will need to complete the goal.

The two had a total winnings of Php 1,070,000.

Mejia and Negi were the third millionaires of the game since the show started its ‘last man standing’ format in July last year, following Meg Imperial and Jodi Sta. Maria.

The two have played as single players in the past.  Negi has also reached the final challenge in one of his guestings but failed.  Long Mejia, on the other hand, has never made it to the jackpot round.

Mejia and Negi will still have a change to win another jackpot and comeback for the ultimate last man (duo) standing where they will compete with final challenge finishers this week.

In the game show’s new format, the last to complete a challenge gets eliminated.  The last two players compete for the jackpot round in a best-of-two challenge.   The player who finished 2 of the 3 challenges gets to play the 1 million-round.

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