Entertainment VIRAL: Netizens react to heartbreaking Jollibee “Chicken Joy” ad

VIRAL: Netizens react to heartbreaking Jollibee “Chicken Joy” ad


Netizens react to the heartbreaking Jollibee chicken joy ad entitled “Vow” which went viral online.

Newest Jollibee Commercial on Chicken Joy

The ad tells a story of two individuals who first met at Jollibee, both ordered “chicken joy” and co-incidentally, upgraded to the same drink. At first, you would think of it as a destiny-kind-of story but it turned out that the girl was only platonic to the guy. A twist at the end of the video was heartbreaking where the girl ended up marrying another guy. He was “bestfriend-zoned” as others put it.

Watch the newest Jollibee Chicken Joy “Vow” ad below:

The video immediately went viral on Facebook. As of posting time, gained over 3 million views, 7 hours after it was uploaded on the fastfood chain’s official Facebook account.

The “Vow” ad is only one of the 3 Valentine’s day ad series from Jollibee.


  1. i dont understand why we keep using kids on the advert about love relationships and crush at the early age when kids see this they will think its ok since its been viewed from all around the nation current teen pregnancy rate is high due to viewing rules from our country allows adverts like this im not attacking jollibee or any adverts pertaining kids about love and relationships and stuff ok its cute for us adults but what will the kids think when they see this? MTRCB or any agency whos allowing this should also think about the outcome, not only advertisement but also movies and TV series is the same. as a parent its devastating to see your teenager cut his or her life short cause she got pregnant or he got someone pregnant. just my thought about the matter and hope you have an open mind viewers

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