Trending Netizens ask, “Who are the actors in Jollibee’s viral commercials?

Netizens ask, “Who are the actors in Jollibee’s viral commercials?


Filipino fast food giant, Jollibee, made a buzz this week when they released their hugot-filled Valentine’s day ad series.

The three commercials, entitled “Vow“, “Crush” and “Date“, went viral after they were posted on the official Jollibee Facebook page.

Netizens went to social media sites, Twitter and Facebook, to express their reactions to the viral ads.

Particularly, they were also interested on the hunk actors who portrayed the roles in the “Vow” and “Crush” commercials.

The hunk actors in Jollibee commercial 2017
The guys on Jollibee viral commercial – from L-R: Enrico Cuenca, MJ Tam and Matthias Rhoads.

Matthias Rhoads, a Filipino-American model played as the “husband”.  He is also a vlogger (video blogger), an actor, and fitness buff.  He was also among the 2016 edition of Cosmo Bachelors.

Mark Joseph or MJ Tam, on the other hand, played the “bestfriend”. He became an overnight star after the commercial breaks the internet.

Tam is a body building titlist. He was a champion during the 2014 Mutant Bodybuilding Championship.

On the other hand, the “nerdy” cutie on the second ad “Crush” is played by Enrico Cuenca, a graduate student of Film Criticism and Production Management at the California State University.

He has already appeared in several commercials but became known to the latest “Kwentong Jollibee” series.

Cuenca is a talent of the Mercator Artist and Model Management.

We are sure that their online fame will open more doors of opportunities for the two of them.

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