Current Events PHOTOS: Tourist bus accident kills at least 10 in Tanay, Rizal

PHOTOS: Tourist bus accident kills at least 10 in Tanay, Rizal


At least 10 people died on the spot due to a tourist bus mishap in Tanay, Rizal on Monday, February 20.

The bus, carrying around 50 passengers, rammed into an electric post along Barangay Sampaloc in Tanay. 

The tourist bus was carrying around 50 passengers, mostly students of Bestlink College in Novaliches, on the way to a provincial resort for their camping. 

Ten (10) passengers were dead on the spot, while five more, including the driver, died at the hospital.  
Twenty (20) others were hurt, some are in critical condition. Casualties were brought to the nearest hospitals Amang Rodriguez Medical Center, Tanay General Hospital, Tanay Community Hospital and Rizal Provincial Hospital, for treatment.

The bus came from a high point and was coming down when it lost its brakes. Some survivors said they smelled something like a burnt rubber before the crash happened. 

The impact of the crash caused severe head, spinal, and abdominal injuries among the fatalities. 

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