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DILG launches Foreign Travel Authority (FTA) On-Line System of Local Government Officials and Employees

How to apply for permit to travel abroad or Foreign Travel Authority online?

Local government officials and employees who wish to travel abroad may now secure approval for their travel via a hassle-free and easy online application system developed by the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG).

The web-based system called the ‘Foreign Travel Authority (FTA) On-Line System of Local Government Officials and Employees’ provides a centralized online solution for FTA application.

Under the law, no local government official shall leave for abroad without the appropriate travel authorization and duly accomplished leave application approved by competent authorities.

How to apply for permit to travel abroad/foreign travel authority (FTA) online?

  1. Applications for travel authority shall be filed thru the FTA Online System at
  2. Download the User’s Manual and FTA Checklist ( before filling out the application form and attaching all the necessary requirements for submission.
  3. After submission, the system will generate an ‘Application Number’ necessary to check on the status of the application and generation of approved FTA.

What are the requirements in filing the FTA?

Among the administrative requirements that should be attached to the application are the following:

  • endorsement from the local chief executive
  • clearance from property and money accountabilities
  • invitation from host country or organization, and
  • a duly notarized sworn statement attesting that the applicant has no pending criminal or administrative charges, or oath of undertaking when an applicant has a pending case.

What are the reason for disapproval of the FTA?

There may be instances when the approved FTAs can be recalled such as in the case of emergency, and/or natural or human-induced disaster.

On the other hand, grounds for non-processing or disapproval of the FTA are incomplete administrative requirements or when documents are submitted within 24 hours prior to departure.

No post-travel authority shall be issued in the case of failure to secure travel authorization prior to departure.

Requests submitted on weekends and holidays will be processed on the next working day.

Who are the approving authority of the FTA?

Among the approving authorities for the FTA are the following:

  • a provincial governor
  • mayor of highly urbanized city and independent component city regardless of the nature, purpose, and duration of such travel
  • mayor of component city and municipality
  • vice governor
  • vice mayor
  • sanggunian member
  • barangay official
  • local government department head on official time only, official business or when the duration of travel exceeds three calendar months or during a period of emergency or crisis
  • local government employee on official time only and official business.

Source: DILG

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