Current Events Viral: Jim Paredes confronts a Duterte Youth Supporter during the 31st EDSA...

Viral: Jim Paredes confronts a Duterte Youth Supporter during the 31st EDSA People Power Anniversary


Thousands flock to the EDSA Shrine to commemorate the 31st Anniversary of People Power Revolution on Saturday, February 25.

Amid the peaceful celebration, a commotion arose due to a confrontation between Jim Paredes, a staunch critic of President Rodrigo Duterte, and some Duterte Youth rallyists.

Allegedly, the seven (7) Duterte Youth members barged in to the celebration which was interpreted by Paredes and company as disrespect to the celebration on EDSA. A separate a pro-Duterte rally was simultaneously happening at the Quirino Grandstand. 

Credits: Rappler

Paredes drew flak, with netizens calling him ‘bully’, after a video of the confrontation circulated online.

Watch the confrontation between Jim Paredes and Duterte Youth supporters below:

In his Twitter account, Paredes said the confrontation happened after the Duterte Youth members crashed to the EDSA rally.

“Just came from the EDSA rally. I had an immensely enjoyable confrontation with 7 Duterte Youth who crashed the rally. They were told to leave but insisted on staying. One organizer told them that it was our party and it was like they were pissing on the food by being there. Disrespectful and provocative,” said the APO Hiking Society member.

Jim paredes vs duterte youth confrontation
Jim Paredes’s statement on confrontation with Duterte Youth during the EDSA anniversary.

Kat de Castro, a known supporter of Duterte, said that the Duterte Youth rallyists deserve a salute for not giving in to the bullying of the other party.

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