Business and Money Download PhilHealth All Case Rates (ACR) search mobile app through Google PlayStore

Download PhilHealth All Case Rates (ACR) search mobile app through Google PlayStore


Know you PhilHealth benefits anytime, anywhere with the new PhilHealth ACR Search Mobile application.

One of the greatest changes mobile computing has provided is the easy accessibility of every information we need in just few clicks of our fingertips.

Mobile computing has paved way for convenient browsing, including health-related information. Nowadays, everything is fast-paced, thus, people, especially those who are always on-the-go want instant access to information using the covenience of their smartphones and mobile devices.

According to a research, 42% of the global workforce will be mobile by 2020, giving a reason for companies to develop applications as marketing strategies.

Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth), the government’s health insurance program, is also keeping up with the trend.   It recently launched its own application for mobile users last month.

The PhilHealth All Case Rates (ACR) is a mobile application that allows members and accredited health professionals to access case rates and packages of compensable diseases/illnesses and operations/procedures.

The PhilHealth ACR Search Mobile application is currently available to all Android platform users and can be downloaded through Play Store for free.

No words yet from the PhilHealth if this will be available also to Apple or iOS users.  Nonetheless, non-android users can still search for PhilHealth benefit rates for every compensable medical and surgical case at using the ACR Search Engine.

Download PhilHealth ACR Mobile App
Know your PhilHealth benefits, anytime, anywhere with PhilHealth ACR Search Mobile app

PhilHealth members, non-members and even medical practitioners or coders may now utilize the mobile app to ensure accurate and appropriate benefits to facilitate proper processing of claims and to make sure that the member knows the benefits.

How to download PhilHealth ACR Search mobile app?
  1. Connect the device to the internet and open the Play Store
  2. Search for “PhilHealth ACR” mobile application;
  3. Tap to dowload and install.

Users can use the said application even on offline mode.

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