Business and Money Filipino nurses, allied health professionals wanted in Kuwait hospital

Filipino nurses, allied health professionals wanted in Kuwait hospital

Filipino nurses hiring in Kuwait hospital

The New Dar Al Shifa Hospital in Kuwait is in need of 300 Filipino staff, including registered nurses, dental hygienist, dental technicians, physiotherapists, radiologists and caregivers.

A delegate from Ministry of Health in Kuwait will arrive in Manila to administer licensure exams for nurses and conduct interviews for potential applicants.

According to a TV Patrol report on Friday, around 300 medical staff will be needed which include the following:

  • 250 registered nurses
  • 2 dental hygienists
  • 2 dental technicians
  • 10 assistant salesladies
  • 10 room service attendants
  • 10 staff for central sterile services department
  • 5 physiotherapist
  • 5 radiologist
  • 30 caregivers
  • 1 audiologist
  • 1 perfusionist

The 300 newly-hired staff will be added to the over 1,400 hospital staff, where 20% of them are Filipinos.

Dr. Shadya Hakeem, a consultant from Kuwait Ministry of Health, said that most of the employers prefer to hire nurses and staff from the Philippines.

According to a TV Patrol report on Friday, Filipino nurses, who are female, aged 23-40 years old, and with 2 years and 6 months hospital experience, are qualified to apply.

Filipino nurses in Kuwait get an average of Php 60,680.00 monthly salary plus benefits.  Dental lab technicians also enjoy a higher salary of Php 65,600 per month, while dental hygienists get around Php 56,000 per month.  Special care nurses such as audiologists and perfusionists have the highest salaries of Php 82,000 and Php 98,400, respectively.

Below are the expected salary for each job type:

  • Nurses – Php 60,680
  • Dental Hygienists – Php 56,000
  • Dental Lab Technicians – Php 65,600
  • Home Care Assistant/Caregivers – Php 24,600
  • Assistant Salesladies – Php 20,000
  • Room Service Attendants – Php 22,900
  • Central Sterile Service Department – Php 49,000
  • Physiotherapists – Php 68,880
  • Radiologists – Php 65,600
  • Audiologist – Php 82,000
  • Perfusionist – Php 98,400

Other benefits include food allowance, free accommodation, free transportation and a tax-free salary.

The Kuwait MOH will conduct a free licensure exams for nurses in Manila on March 26-30, 2017 at the ADM International Manpower Services Company, 7th Floor, Reliance Center, #99 E. Rodrguez Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City.

Source: TV Patrol

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