Education The inspiring story of Erwin Macua, a security guard who will graduate...

The inspiring story of Erwin Macua, a security guard who will graduate as cum laude


The story of Erwin Macua, a security guard should be every Filipino’s story.  His story is a testament that success happens to those who persevere, does not give up, are determined and dream big. 

The 38-year father has been serving St. Theresa’s College in Cebu City as a security guard for almost 20 years.  On Saturday, he is set to join the students he watches over in their graduation, as one of the graduates. 

Finishing a degree is already an achievement for the Bohol native, but surpassing it with flying colors is a bonus especially that he has to juggle his time between being a student, a father of three and a security guard.  

Macua will graduate cum laude for his Bachelor of Elementary Education Major in General Education degree. 

“Age is not a hindrance, poverty is not a hindrance. Just pursue your dream with the formula: hard work plus determination plus prayer and you will reach your aspirations in life,” Macua said during an interview with ABS-CBN. 

Macua, who has been inspiring many of his classmates, said he plans to continue his work as a security guard while self-reviewing for the licensure exams for teachers. 

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