Examination Results CSC releases March 2017 CSE-PPT results

CSC releases March 2017 CSE-PPT results

The March 2017 CSE-PPT results and list of passers are out!


The Civil Service Commission has released the list of passers for the March 2017 Civil Service Examination – Pencil and Paper Test (CSE-PPT) for the professional and Sub-professional level held last March 12.  The official list of passers were released on Friday, April 21.


A total of 230,736 examinees too the March 2017 CSE-PPT in 60 testing centers nationwide. A total of 197,924 examinees or 85.78% took the professional level while 32,812 or 14.22% for the Sub-professional level.

There are 25,090 (10.87%) examinees successfully passed the March 2017 civil service exam – 21,640 for the professional level and 3,450 for the sub-professional level.

The list of passers by region are already posted in the CSC official website.

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