Education LIST: Medical State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) with FREE tuition for AY...

LIST: Medical State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) with FREE tuition for AY 2017-2018


Medical students will also enjoy the FREE tuition program of the government this upcoming school year.

According to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), all medical students, both incoming freshmen and those who are already enrolled in the eight (8) state universities colleges and universities, will enjoy free tuition fee for Academic Year (A.Y.) 2017-2018.

The full tuition subsidy will be under the government’s program called Cash Grants to Medical Students enrolled in State Universities and Colleges (CGMS-SUCs) which entitles a student of a one hundred percent (100%) tuition subsidy on the actual tuition of their respective SUCs.

The eight (8) identified SUCs with FREE tuition fee program for AY 2017-2018 will be the following:

  1. University of Northern Philippines
  2. Mariano Marcos State University
  3. Cagayan State University
  4. Bicol University
  5. West Visayas State University
  6. University of the Philippines – Leyte
  7. Mindanao State University
  8. University of the Philippines – Manila

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Other fees, such as miscellaneous fees, laboratory fees, etc., will be shouldered by the student.


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