Business and Money More than 7,000 jobs await Filipinos in United Kingdom this year

More than 7,000 jobs await Filipinos in United Kingdom this year


More than 7,000 jobs await Filipino workers in United Kingdom according to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).

In-demand jobs with highest pay include civil engineers, linemen, foremen, nurses, caregivers, computer programmers, cooks, bookkeepers, and cashiers, among others.

The monthly salary may reach up to P92,000 for drivers, P137,000 for transmission linemen, P132,000 for foremen, and more than P139,000 for civil engineers.

Nurses get as much as P113,000 monthly salary while caregivers receive as high as P61,000 per month.

Computer programmers are also needed in the UK who may receive as much as P62,000 monthly salary.

Meanwhile, cooks may receive an hourly rate of P350.  Bookkeepers and cashiers may get as much as P286 per hour.

Overall, about 21,000 highly skilled workers are needed in the UK, 9,000 of which are Filipinos. One thousand two hundred (1,200) positions have been filled up according to POEA.

According to POEA, workers with heavy workload receive higher salaries. Applicants with longer working experience and who underwent training have an advantage to get immediate hiring.

The POEA said that all hirings for UK job openings will go through recruitment process via accredited and licensed agencies.

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