Entertainment Philippines’ bet Maureen Wroblewitz enters AsNTM Cycle 5 Top 3

Philippines’ bet Maureen Wroblewitz enters AsNTM Cycle 5 Top 3

Did Maureen win the Asia's Next Top Model? Spoilers say that Philippines' bet Maureen Wroblewitz will win the pan-Asian modeling competition. But nothing is final until the winner is announced on the show's finale episode on Wednesday, June 28.


Maureen Wroblewitz is still in the running to become Asia’s Next Top Model.

The lone contender from the Philippines was named one of the three finalists of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 (AsNTM 5).

Being the youngest and the ‘inexperienced’ one, Mau Wroblewitz experienced ‘bullying’ from her fellow contestants for having ‘just a beautiful face with no skills’.

But having the Filipino spirit and resilience, the 18-year old beauty is out to prove her worth in the competition as she continue to emerge as one of the top scorers of every challenge.  Her outstanding performance throughout the competition is a testament that she could be strong contender for the title. She had won a total of 3 out of 11 challenges.

Her fellow Filipino contestants Angelica Santillan and Jennica Sanchez where booted out early in the competition.

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During the last episode before the show’s finale on June 28, Maureen struggled in the vertical runway challenge and vintage road trip photo shoot campaign for Subaru.  She landed at the bottom two with Indonesia’s Clara Tan. With only a 0.3 difference in their scores, Maureen was chosen as the third and last finalist, while Tan became the eleventh contestant to be eliminated.

Maureen will vie to become the first Asia’s Next Top Model winner from the Philippines. Since it’s first season, Philippines’ bets have consistently made final’s appearances but always failed to win the title. Jodilly Pendre and Monika Sta. Maria placed first runners up in 2014 and 2015, respectively, while Stephanie Retuya was named second runner up during the show’s first cycle.

The Filipino-German model will compete against Malaysia’s Shikin Gomez and Vietnam’s Minh Tu Nguyen in the finals.

Maureen’s winning pictures (Credits: AsNTM and Star World):

Will Maureen be the first Philippines’ winner for Asia’s Next Top Model? Will find out during season finale on Wednesday, June 28.  Watch it exclusively on Star World at 9:00 PM.

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