Job Openings BJMP opens 1000 vacant positions for Jail Officer 1

BJMP opens 1000 vacant positions for Jail Officer 1


The Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) announced on Monday that 1,000 vacant positions for Jail Officer 1 will be available.

The agency said that interested applicants may submit their resume and other requirements starting today in all BJMP regional offices nationwide.


No person shall be appointed as uniformed personnel of the BJMP unless he/she possesses the following minimum qualifications:

  1. A Citizen of the Republic of the Philippines;
  2. A Person of good moral character;
  3. Must have passed the nuero-psychiatric evaluation, medical examination and drug test for the purpose of determining his/her physical and mental health;
  4. Must possess a baccalaureate degree from a recognized institution of learning;
  5. Must possess the appropriate civil service eligibility;
  6. Must not have been dishonorably disharged of dismissal for cause from previous employment;
  7. Must not have been convicted by final judgement of an offense or crime involving moral turpitude;
  8. Must not be less than twenty-one (21) nor more than thirty (30) years of age. Provided, that a waiver for age requirement shall be automatically granted to applicants belonging to the cultural communities;
  9. Must be at least one meter and sixty-two centimeters (1.62m) in height for male, and one meter and fifty-seven centimeters (1.57m) for female: provided that a waiver for height requirement shall be granted to applicants belonging to the cultural communities; and
  10. Must weigh not more or less than five kilograms (5kgs) from the standard weight corresponding to his/her height, age and sex.


  1. Duly Accomplished Personal Data Sheet (revised 2017)
  2. Two (2) Pieces latest passport size picture with name tag
  3. Original Transcript of Records
  4. Original College Diploma
  5. Birth Certificate issued by NSO
  6. Original Certificate of Eligibility or Board Rating (Civil Service Professional, RA 1080, Penology Officer & PD 907)
  7. Valid Clearances (i.e. NBI, Police, Barangay, MTC, RTC & Prosecutor’s Ofc)
  8. Certificate/s of Previous & Present Employment
  9. Certificate/s of Seminars/Trainings Completed
  10. Marriage Certificate issued by NSO (if married)

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