Business and Money List: LFTRB-accredited taxi- and ride-hailing services in Metro Manila

List: LFTRB-accredited taxi- and ride-hailing services in Metro Manila


Earlier this year, Uber has pulled out from the transport network vehicle service (TNVS) market in Southeast Asia, including the Philippines. However, only the brand name has ceased its operation because its strongest competitor, Grab, has acquired Uber’s SEA operations, a move that secured the company’s dominance in the region’s TNVS industry.

Ever since the Grab-Uber merger and monopolizing the TNVS industry, we’ve been hearing a lot of complaints from commuters regarding the incidents price surges of their Grab rides, which was attributed to the principles of supply and demand.

Good news though, the Singapore-based company will no longer monopolize the whole market because the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has approved accreditation of other ride hailing services in Metro Manila.  The agency said that more TNVS also seek their approval to operate.

We have listed the top TNVS operating in Metro Manila below:


Because we are talking about the LTFRB-accredited TNVS in Metro Manila, we are still including Grab in the list.  It is still the biggest ride hailing platform in the country.

Grab allows passengers to book rides based on personal preference – taxi, private car, carpool, 6-seater, and premium.  Understandably, the fare differs among these choices. Clients can also book Grab Express for food and package delivery.

The Grab app is available for both Android and iOS users.


The company first operated in Davao City and has recently acquired accreditation from LTFRB for its operations in Metro Manila.

Unlike Grab, HirNa will not charge booking fees. The fares will adopt the rates of regular metered taxis with a flag down rate of P40 and an additional P13.50 for every kilometer and P2 for every minute of waiting time.

The Davao-based company has also recently expanded its services in Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Iligan, among others.

Download HirNa for Android and iOS.


MiCab is another locally developed taxi booking app that is currently available in 5 key cities – Cebu, Bacolod, Baguio, Iloilo and Metro Manila.

It has the same platform as Uber and Grab but unlike these two, MiCab implements zero booking fee and no surge pricing ride.

Currently, they have about 10,000 cabs all over the country ensuring that your request for a MiCab ride will arrive in minutes.

Download MiCab for Android and iOS.


Hype is also a locally developed ride hailing app which has recently obtained accreditation from LTFRB.  The company is set to launch its services on May 26, 2018 in Metro Manila.

Unlike all its competitors, passengers may book rides through text. It has a similar business model with Grab and Uber.

The company’s Chief Operating Officer Jen Silan told CNN Philippines that Hype will ensure its clients that fare prices for its services will be “very competitive” by as much as 20 to 30 percent compared to its competitor, while still providing fair revenue shares with their drivers and operators.

Hype is already accepting pre-qualifications and pre-accreditations for all drivers and TNVS with existing provisional authority permits, Certificates of Public Convenience, and case numbers with the LTFRB.

The app is not yet active and will be available once its services were launched.


Golag is one of the recently accredited TNVS by the LTFRB.  It will start its operations first in Laguna, but will also expand its services in Metro Manila.

Passengers would have option to choose sedan, or AUVs or SUVs Golag is offering from its platform.

The Golag App is not yet active.


Owto is the fourth transport network company (TNC) to get approval from the LTFRB to operate in the country.

The app will be available once its services were launched.

TNCs with cease and desist order from the LTFRB

If some got the LTFRB’s nod, others were ordered by the agency to cease its operations.

Arcade City

This ride-sharing app was first launched in Austin Texas last 2016 and it has become a fast-growing company.

However, despite its promising market in the country, it was ordered by the LTFRB to stop its operations.  This was not the first time that its entry to the TNC platform was rejected by the government. In August last year, the agency issued the same order against this startup which was around the time the LTRFB temporarily suspended Uber operations.

Despite the cease and desist order by the LTFRB, the company is preparing to re-launch its app.  Reportedly, there are over 20,000 drivers and riders who signed up in the country last year.

Download Arcade City for Android and iOS. Note: An updated version of the app is not yet available. 


It is another ride-sharing app that is currently holding its operations in Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, India and in the Philippines, particularly in Metro Manila and Cebu.

LTFRB has ordered to stop its operations since January last year, citing that the carpooling app was “operating as another form of TNC without coordination with the agency.”

The Wunder Carpool app is still available for Android and iOS.

Do you know any TNCs that is not on the list? Contact us.

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