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JBM has been blogging since 2005 and has maintained several blogs. She is a pediatrician by profession and is currently working at a government hospital in Mindanao.


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    Turing Tauiran

    This figures are probably from the WWII post war era. Parang utak ng mag taga NEDA, napag iwanan na ng panahon. Ahaha hindi na kinaya ng utak nila gumamit ng simple math.

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    Where's Your Head At?

    If you have your own house and lot, if school and work were just walking distance from where you live, and no inflation with the cost for food, electricity and gas, the 10k budget would be feasible. But with the way how the cost of living keeps shooting up every month especially with prices increasing once in a while – this is a shot to the moon using a rubber band.

    San ba napulot ung undersec na yan at kabobohan ung naisip na 10k per month. Try nga muna nila bago sila tumalak. Mga walang utak!!!


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