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How to apply for a passport in 4 easy steps using the DFA ePayment Portal?

how to book passport online appointment from July - September 2018

Manila – The Department of Foreign Affairs has recently upgraded the online appointment system of its passport issuance facilities through the ePayment Portal.  Know the four easy steps on how to apply for a passport online using DFA ePayment Portal.

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The new DFA ePayment Portal (ePP) enables passport applicants to pay their passport processing fees through selected payment centers nationwide and eventually through the use of credit and debit cards, or through over-the-counter cash transactions in selected banks.

DFA started implementing the new payment system in its ASEANA branch on the first week of June 2018 for its pilot testing.   The foreign affairs department will start rolling out the system on or before the first week of July on its other National Capital Region (NCR) consular offices.  It will be fully implemented on all consular branches nationwide on or before the first week of August.

The DFA ePP offers the convenience of paying passport processing fees through the nearest accredited payment centers and banks nationwide or online through credit and debit cards; and avoiding the long queues at the counters to pay the application or renewal fee.

How does the DFA ePayment Portal work?

how to apply for a passport online using DFA ePayment Portal
Source: DFA

Those who are renewing or applying for Philippine ePassports will now be required to prepay the passport processing fees using the DFA ePayment Portal as part of the Online Appointment System.  The following steps are to be taken:

    • Read all the reminders carefully before agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of the Online Appointment System.
    • Choose a DFA Consular Office where you wish to apply for or renew your passport.
    • Pick the date and time when you wish to apply for or renew your passport.
    • Fill out all the required fields by providing the information being asked.
    • Carefully review all the details of your application before clicking SUBMIT.
    • Choose your desired passport processing type (expedited or regular processing) before clicking PROCEED TO PAYMENT.
    • Take note of the reference number that will be emailed to you.
  1. Proceed to your preferred Payment Center to pay the passport processing fee.
    • Present your reference number at the Payment Center upon payment of the passport processing fee.
    • One reference number corresponds to one transaction. If you are paying for multiple reference numbers, you need to pay separately for each reference number.
    • Keep the receipt that will be issued to you.
  1. A confirmed appointment packet will be sent to your email once the payment has been successfully processed. Click the link to your passport appointment packet and PRINT OUT the following contents that you need to bring with you during your scheduled appointment:
    • Checklist with your indicated schedule
    • Confirmed Application Form with the bar code, appointment reference number (ARN), and eReceipt number
    • Two (2) copies of the eRECEIPT
  1. Personally show up at the DFA Consular Office on the date and time indicated in your appointment and make sure to bring a printed copy of your confirmed passport appointment packet and other required documents and IDs.

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LIST: Accredited payment centers for passport processing fees:

  1. Applicants can pay the passport processing fee through any of the following Payment Centers:
    • Bayad Center
    • EcPay
    • Pera Hub
    • Robinson’s Business Center and Department Stores
    • Waltermart Department Store
    • 7-11
    • USCC (Western Union)
    • Villarica Pawnshop

Online payment will be available soon using debit and credit cards.

Passports applicants will need to pay PHP 1,200.00 for expedited processing and PHP 950.00 for regular processing. A PHP 50.00 convenience fee is charged by authorized Payment Centers on top of the processing fees.

Source: DFA

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