News Read the Jose Rizal manga online for FREE

Read the Jose Rizal manga online for FREE

Read Jose Rizal Manga Online for FREE

A manga dedicated to the Philippine’s national hero Jose Rizal was released during his birth anniversary on June 19, 2018 .

The “Jose Rizal” manga adapts the life of the legendary Filipino hero and shows how he became an inspiration not only to Filipinos, but other nations, including Japan.  It tells how he bravely fought for the country against the Spaniards through his writings.

The manga comes in installment and is posted by chapter through the official Manga Club website.  The first chapter, which opens with his execution in Bagumabayan and ends with a flash back of a young Rizal witnessing the arrest of his mother, can be accessed for FREE.  It is said to be the first manga written about the national hero.  The second part will be out on June 26 at 4:00 PM, Philippine Time.

Jose Rizal is a collaboration of two Japanese illustrator and manga writer – Ryo Konno (illustration) and Takahiro Matsui (storyline). In an interview with CNN Philippines, TORICO representative Takuro Ando shared that the inspiration behind the original manga stems from his curiosity on why Rizal had a statue in Tokyo.  Torico is the publisher of Jose Rizal.

“I began to wonder why a bronze statue of a Filipino was in Japan,” Ando said.

Ando has become more interested on Rizal’s life and decided to do his research.  He started asking details about his life and the impact that he had not only in the Philippines but around the world.

Japan was one of the countries Rizal has visited.  During his brief stay, Rizal fell in love with a Japanese woman named Seiko Usui.

Read Jose Rizal manga online for free here.

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