Entertainment Meteor Garden remake to air on ABS-CBN soon

Meteor Garden remake to air on ABS-CBN soon


Meteor Garden magbabalik na sa ABS-CBN! #MeteorGardenOnABSCBN

Posted by Kapamilyanovelas (Official) on Thursday, July 12, 2018

Manila, Philippines – The Asian series that started it all is coming back to Philippine TV through ABS-CBN.

Meteor Garden, which aired in the early 2000’s in the Philippines, said to have paved way for other Asian series in the country.  The The series starred Taiwanese superstars Barbie Shu, Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Vanness Wu and Ken Chu.

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Meteor Garden 2018 to air on ABS-CBN

Meteor Garden is rich guy-poor girl, but not your usual Cinderella kind of story.  Based on a Japanese manga, “Boys over Flowers”, the Taiwanese series centers around a poor teenage girl named Shancai (Shu), who met a group of arrogant students at the university she enrolled in. Collectively known as the “Flower 4” or “F4”, the group consist of rich and handsome teenagers Dao Ming Si (Yan), Hua Ze Lei (Zhou), Mei Zuo (Wu) and Xi Men (Chu). They are heirs to four rich and influential families in Taiwan. The group terrorize students in the university by handing out red cards to those they do not like, which allows other students to bully the victims until they leave the school.

After one of Shancai’s friends receives the wrath of F4’s leader, Dao Ming Si, Shancai stands up to Dao Ming Si and berates him, which in turn results in a red card of her own. However, Shancai’s persistence in standing up for what is right gradually gains F4’s respect and Dao Ming Si falls in love with her.

The series has been remade, starring new breeds of Taiwanese superstars Shen Yue, Dylan Wang, Darren Chen, Connor Leong and Caesar Wu. The 2018 remake has been picked up by ABS-CBN, which also aired the original version. Yue, has become familiar with Filipino viewers, following the success of the web-turned-TV series A Love So Beautiful, which was also shown in the Kapamilya network.

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Besides the Philippines, the show will also air in Indonesia and Thailand. It will also be offered as a Netflix Exclusive under the Netflix Originals category and will start streaming on July 13, 2018.

The exact airing date of Meteor Garden 2018 has not been revealed yet.

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