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Philippine Coast Guard Hiring 2017: Qualifications, Positions and Application Requirements

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) announced it is recruiting around 4000 new employees by March this year to fill their vacant positions.

Philippine Coast Guard Recruitment 2017
Credits: PCG

A total of 4000 jobs including 500 officers will be filled up.  Recruitment will start this March 2017.  Other vacant positions to be filled up are: biologists, support staff like doctors, engineers, mechanic, accountants, and public relation staff.

PCG 2017 Jobs: Qualifications

Applicant must:

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  1. be a natural-born Filipino citizen
  2. be of good moral character
  3. be single
  4. be a Baccalaureate Degree holder for Officers (PRC License/Eligibility)
  5. have at least 72 units in college or be a graduate of TESDA courses for non-officers
  6. be 21-26 years old (for officers), 18-26 years old for non-officers
  7. have a height of at least 5’4″ for male and 5’2″ for female
  8. be physically and mentally fit for training which may reach up to 1 year duration
  9. be a good swimmer

Salary of entry-level employees start at P17,000 to P40,000 per month depending on the position applied to.


The PCG is an armed and uniformed service tasked primarily with enforcing laws within Philippine waters, conducting maritime security operations, safeguarding life and property at sea, and protecting marine environment and resources of the Philippines.

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